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Harry Nilsson - Think About Your Troubles

Deborah Kerr in The Innocents (1961)

I had to cancel dinner plans with a coworker of mine who COOKS LIKE A FUCKING CHAMPION because of this whole Snow Storm of Impending Doom that’s lurking on the horizon. That means two things:

  1. It better snow. LIKE A LOT.
  2. I’m going to sit around for the rest of the day watching either old movies or Entourage which I have recently discovered is awesome. I think I’ll start with a movie and then move on to Entourage because I’m still on Season One and need to catch up. Stat.

'Tis the season to sit around on Tumblr and watch movies because it's cold and gray out there.

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Don’t Forget Me (cover) | Neko Case

cause nothing lasts forever
but i will always love you

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Harry Nilsson - Don’t Forget Me